We care about the environment

The villas are build almost only with natural materials and have an energy-efficient building technology installed in order to avoid waste of natural resources.

For example the following:

  • House building materials are concrete, building blocks, stones from the island, reused wood from old houses in northern Thailand and thatched roofs
  • Only AA class electric house hold appliances
  • Keycards in all houses, switches off the electricity automatically when taken out of the holder
  • Low consuming water toilets
  • Water tank for collecting rain water
  • Low electricity consuming water heating (air heating pump) in Gecko Villa
  • Solar panels on all villas
  • LED lighting throughout Gecko and Turtle villas and halfway changed in Eagle Villa
  • All wooden furniture made of old reused teak wood from northern Thailand
  • Bulk dispensers for toiletries
  • Recycling bins for cans, glass, paper, plastic and food waste

Since there is a lack of water and the electricity is produced in local generators on the island, we ask you to use the water and electricity carefully whilst your stay in the villa.

DonĀ“t use more water than needed and ALWAYS switch off the AC when not needed and when leaving the house.