Delightfully dreamy….Dangerously close to never going home

Undoubtedly the most beautiful place to rejuvenate and relax on beautiful Koh Tao island. Bob and Asa’s villas are perched on the cliff side with your very own infinity pool as your viewing platform. Just a warning, your private pool has an uninterrupted view of the great blue ocean and it serves up the most inspiring sunsets day after day…you may never want to leave!! My partner and I stayed in Gecko the first week (with a two other couples) and naturally we found ourselves ‘at home’. I think the combination of a comfortable bed and the stunning architecture had it’s influence. Inevitably, we extended our stay and placed ourselves in Turtle Villa for another week. Fancy that, we thought, staying on turtle island, in turtle villa and if you do stay here you might just find the third link to this chain…you will have to find out for yourselves. It is ideally placed out of the hustle and bustle of town…but not so far that you can’t jump on your motor bike or take a taxi into town for some of the best meals you can encounter on the islands in Thailand. Bob and Asa themselves are very down to earth people and will ensure your stay is just as you want it to be… I cannot recommend this place enough for your island retreat.

Gecco/Turtle Villas, EJ / Australia