Food and Drink

Breakfast in the villa

Breakfast can be ordered and delivered to the villa (9 options). Information to be found in our villa binder.

Food marts

Aukotan, big shop for everything except for fresh food. The closest shop to Villa Sabai Jai, 7 min by vehicle.

Pod´s, this is where you buy your fresh or frozen food. They have for example buffalo mozzarella, homemade plain yoghurt, sourcream, cheeses, bacon etc, 10 min by vehicle.

Fruit, you will find fruit stands along the roads. Ask the staff to pick a ripe fruit for you. Try some of the fruits you never tried before!

You will find much more information and maps where to find the different places in our binder in the villa.


There are lots of restaurants (more than 150) on the island, most of them located in the small villages, around 10 minutes drive from the villa. There are five restaurants within 5-15 minutes walk from the villa. If you prefer to eat at the villa you can order up take away food. Thai food, pizza, pasta, salad etc can be delivered to the villa.

Barracuda Restaurant, Sairee village. One of the best restaurants on this island.

Jamahkiri Restaurant, luxury dining within 5 minutes walking distance from the villa

Eagle View sea food, small family restaurant across from Jamakhiri within walking distance from the villa. Very simple restaurant with fresh fish that the owner himself has caught. The meal is served on their terrace sitting on cushions.

Haad Tien Restaurant, on Tian Og Beach (Shark Bay), very nice restaurant for lunch and dinner just by the beach, mixed food. Also a beach bar where they serve lunch. Beautiful beach resort with a fantastic beach for swimming. 7 min walk from the villa or swimming/snorkeling daytime.

Coral View Restaurant, on Sai Daeng Beach, on top of the nice Coral View Bar is this simple restaurant, which serves mostly thai food. 10-15 min walk from the villa or swimming/snorkeling daytime.

Whitening, by Songserm pier on the beach in Mae Haad. Very good mixed food!

Dolce Vita, italian high class food and good wines, Mae Haad

Café del Sol, western, speciality mediterranean food, one of the first and still most popular restaurants on the island, Mae Haad

Pranee´s Kitchen, simple thai restaurant with very good food, even take away, Ananda Hotel, Mae Haad

Ka Ku Re Ya Restaurant, fantastic japanese food, only 12 seats, don´t forget to make a reservation, 086 059 0408, Mae Haad

Su Chili, authentic very good thai food, also Easan food

Gallery, better class restaurant with very well cooked thai food. Don´t forget to make a reservation! 077 456 547

Sairee Cottage, popular restaurant with good mixed food at good price. Just by the sea. Their barbecued chicken kebabs are just great!

Sairee Sairee, popular restaurant with good different kinds of food. Don´t be afraid to try the steak tartare!

This is just a few restaurants, you will find a lot more restaurants and information in our binder in the villa.


Popular bars on Sairee beach are: Fizz, Lotus, Maya, AC and Fishbowl. This is where you will find most of the islands nightlife. If you wish a softer and more laidback nightlife we recommend Chalok Beach.