Paradise found

My wife and I loved koh tao the first time we went there 5 years ago. But when we returned to the saba jai with our good friends to celebrate our ten year anniversary did we realize we found a piece of paradise. The saba jai it’s owner its staff its location, eberything about it was amazing. We stayed a short 6 nights at saba jai and then 3 nights at an uber 5 star Vana belle in Samui. To say the experience at saba jai will be unmatched for at least another decade is an understatement. I read the minor negative reviews prior to booking and realized after the stay that people will always find fault with something no matter how small. If the travel time from Atlanta (32 hours) wasn’t so long I would seriously consider renting this and a few other villas Bo owns. Thanks to lek and her cousin for amazing house keeping and a full breakfast to help us through our relaxed lazy days. The pool was perfect as we did our initial scuba certification with ace marine images there. Everything from our massages to our yoga session worked perfectly. with that being said no matter how perfect it was it does have its negatives. The only negative is I couldn’t stay there for a month or months. I will be back when my kids are older.

Thank you bo and lek
Nik Rakhi Abhi Arvinda
Atlanta GA