The closest place to paradise on earth!

April 2013

Review #6032184 “Family Holiday – parents and 3 teenage children”

Wow! Have used Home Away for the first time this year, and came across this amazing villa. Was nervous at first as there were limited (no) reviews to reference, but conversations with Bob on the phone gave me confidence this was worth any risk……and there was none in retrospect. The villa is exactly as advertised and everything we hoped it would be. Won’t repeat all factual info already available, but following maybe useful. Transfer from pier to villa by ‘Mr Bear’ was great. Lek, the onside maid is very helpful and discreet when going about her daily duties. Snorkelling off cliffs is fantastic. Be aware that this place is perfect for getting away from it all, and whilst there are restaurants in the vicinity, getting to them or shops for supplies on foot is challenging due to inclines, so hiring scooters is a bit of a necessity in our opinion. Eagle View (the closest) is v authentic and you feel you are eating in the owners front room (actually I think you are) but is our favourite place! Only 3 days left to enjoy what is, until Gods Kingdom comes, the closest place to paradise on earth! 
Family James G